The Lowdown on the Mini Workout Craze

Would you agree that everyone in life needs to move their bodies, be regularly active and incorporate exercise to be fully healthy? Yes, this is true. What is also true is that finding the time, energy, and plain old motivation to actually do this is an ongoing challenge for many women. With entrepreneurialism on the rise, and the wonderful world of the internet, coupled with the responsibilities of family and social life, it can seem impossible. It might be extremely difficult to fit any exercise in your life if you run a family and household, own a business, and you are the one wearing all the “hats.”

UGH! Exercise!

General Health, Wellness, and Happiness

It has lots names these days. Probably because there are many people who just don’t like to do it. Exercise, movement, workouts whichever name you chose, the many, many benefits are the same.

We know that exercise and workouts help build lean, fit bodies and healthy minds. Energy levels increase, creativity flows more freely, and aches and pains become less and less when you incorporate a regular workout program into your life. Cardiovascular health is improved with aerobic activity, lean muscle mass is built by using weight barring exercises and flexibility is increased with stretching.

Studies show that having a workout plan and exercise routine can also relieve stress, improve your mood, and even help with depression.

Weight Loss and Lean Muscle

As we begin to incorporate these various types of movement and exercise into our daily lives the usual byproduct is weight loss. Of course, it is important to couple this with healthy nutrition, but nutrition is another topic for another day. Today, let’s focus on how wonderful and amazing lean muscle mass is for weight loss! Lean muscle burns more energy (calories) than fat. Just a few pounds of lean muscle will burn additional calories while at rest. What this means is, while you are sitting at your computer, working hard on your business, banging out the creativity, creating the new products, joining a webinar, your lean muscle will be doing some calorie burning for you. Guess What! This even happens while you sleep. Now, that to me is a pretty good ROW (Return On Workout).

Workout? When? I Get it!

Somehow, your fitness level and workout routine end up at the bottom of the list, day in and day out. Family First, Business First, Fun First, becomes…oh well, I’ll try again, maybe tomorrow. I so get it! Life can be challenging and for many women, fitness and exercise are NOT the fun way to spend an hour. Let’s face it, who even has an hour anymore?

So what do are you to do?

Mini Workouts To The Rescue

Something that is quite popular these days is the mini workout. These workouts are short in duration and can be anything from cardio intervals to using dumbbells Sonus Complete at home. For example, you can take your stairs a few times, do a set of dance plies (aka wide squats), or lift dumbbells while thinking about what your next project might be. The trick to making these Mini Workouts work, is keep them short and sweet, BUT, keep them intense. Studies have shown that having these short mini workouts a few times during the day can add up to the same benefits of having one longer duration workout.

So, if you are really busy, caring for the world, as women so often do, the idea of mini workouts might be just what you need to take the first step and fit workout and exercise into your life. If you are not already exercising daily, and finding it hard to maintain a workout routine, I urge you to bring yourself and your fitness level back to the TOP of your list.

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