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Online poker has been growing worldwide and is a multi billion industry, During the Beginning of Fall the U.S Government made a law to ban online gambling taking the freedom away from their own citizens. By Law it is only illegal in 12 U.S states, (Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, and Wisconsin) This bill was passed late at night and was mixed in with another bill that was for sure going to be passed. No one ever herd of the bill to fight it until it was to late. There have been detailed reports of the two governors that put this bill in have most of their campaign paid by casinos from Vegas. Veyy suspicious and accusations have been made as stocks to the company that paiy their campaign rose 21% the day after this law was passed.

Some Poker sites followed the law passed by the united States government and some sites did not pussy888 download apk . During this time many poker sits had to close their doors and go out of business at the same some sites grew. Sites that kept their doors open to the U.S have grown and small sites are now large companies.

With that said it is still hard for Americans to find a place to play online poker and hard to find out that laws about poker. That is why it is important to be a member of a poker forum or a few poker forums. I work at and I am helping Americans on a daily basis informing them on what the U.S law is all about.

It has been a few months and the market has settled but we are now seeing a bail on the market. Small sites that kept their doors open during the last few months are now closing. It is a shame for people that put thousands into work on a poker site but because of the U.S law they are forced to go bankrupt.

This my be a good thing though because the poker market seems to be saturated. Even poker forums have had to shut down, so it is very necessary to find a good poker forum.

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