Top 6 Reasons Why Your Toddler Should Use A Toddler Nap Mat

Why use a toddler nap mat? You may ask yourself this question when you see ads for nap mats. As a parent, your child is the most important person in the world to you. Your little prince or princess’ safety and comfort are the top two things in your priority list and you would do everything to provide all the love and care that your child needs. So what do nap mats have to do with safety and comfort?

When your child starts preschool or daycare, you want to be assured that the love and care you give to your little one is the same as to that he or she will receive at school Bauschlussreinigung Einbeck. It can be an overwhelming and scary experience as well because this is when you will realize that your child is growing up. You can prepare all the necessary things that your child will need for pre-school and know that all your love will be felt by your child whilst he or she uses those things.

For nap times, a toddler nap mat is one of the things that your child will treasure as it is reminiscent of home. It is comforting for them to have something that is familiar and reassuring. The use of a mat ensures that your child will get the most needed rest he or she needs and wake up with renewed energy and vigor.

Another noteworthy event was the flight to St. Louis. My Mom started to act somewhat crazy. She wanted scissors to cut her seat belt so she could get out. She kept fidgeting trying to get it to release. I had placed her in a window seat and made her stay seated until we landed. I tried my best to keep her distracted. Thank God we were close to landing. I think there is something that happens with the brain at high altitudes or under the condition of being in a compressed air environment. I asked the doctors, but no one could answer. Maybe the oxygen supply becomes thinner like when you climb a mountain. I believe there is a direct link with the brain and a person with Alzheimer’s behavior so don’t transport someone alone, like I did and if you can travel by ground do so.

9. Since my Mom has been in St. Louis and under my brother’s care, she was approved as a candidate for a trial research drug program for Eli Lilly. It is approximately a 2 year program. The test medication has gone through many prior test trial programs. The programs have seen much success with the drug. This drug attacks the plaque in the brain and breaks it down. The plaque build-up is what expert believe causes Alzheimer’s. My Mom receives an infusion every month. We don’t know for sure if she is the patient receiving the actual medication or the placebo, but we believe that she is getting the drug. After the infusion, she becomes very alert and sometimes wakes up during the night. Since being on this trial program though my Mom has lost over 40 pounds and has more or less stopped eating sufficient meals. She is consuming protein shakes which contain 25 grams of protein along with other vitamins and minerals, bananas, berries, vegetable powder, ice cream or yogurt. She drinks these twice a day along with drinking a couple Ensures. We are not sure if her lack of appetite is due to the medication, progression of the disease, or a change in her environment. Her Doctor is okay with her current weight. She keeps asking “When am I going home, my Mother is looking for me.” My Mom has incontinence and constipation and needs full assistance bathing and dressing. She has fallen a few times due to not always using a walker to steady her gait.

In conclusion, is there any real cure? No. Is there a treatment plan that can work? Yes, however, depending if you take the one doctor one drug at a time approach it may take a lifetime to find out what works and doesn’t work and you may end up in the hospital from stress and fatigue. I recommend the team facility approach to expedite results. If Alzheimer’s runs in you family, make sure to get a Durable Power of Attorney for Health and Finance and a Will and Living Will put in place early while you are still deemed competent for your health and finance. Also specify your wishes for facility placement should your care become too overwhelming for your family or caregiver. If you have assets, you may wish to gift them early to your heirs, the rule is 5 years or more so they are not taken for payment to get into a facility. There are also rules to qualify for Medicaid. If you are over the threshold but cannot pay 100% of a facility’s monthly amount, Medicaid may kick in the difference which falls under paying for the Medically Needy. Medicaid has monthly income and asset thresholds. Check with your state to find out how much those thresholds are. You can normally find this information online.

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