Choosing the Best Porcelain Doll For Your Finished Dollhouse

Congratulations, you have a dollhouse, you have furniture and now you need a porcelain doll. You have created an idyllic imaginary world for you, your children and for many future generations to enjoy ラブドール . Your environment is perfect for someone, but whom? Finding the best porcelain doll for your world is an important step and deserves as much attention to detail as you paid to the furnishings.

What is the best porcelain doll? Simply put, the best one is one you and your family enjoy. A porcelain doll speaks to you in a unique voice. Think of the search for your doll like bird watching, every sound matters. Sometimes the smallest birds, with the tiniest and most delicate songs, are the most beautiful. With a little careful listening, you and your family will definitely find the best porcelain doll. However, there are some things to consider before purchasing your best doll.

One thing to consider is the era and décor of the dollhouse. A delicate porcelain geisha doll would feel out of place in a Victorian era dollhouse, but would be right at home in an antique oriental dollhouse. A Victorian era porcelain doll would feel uneasy residing in a modern looking ranch style dollhouse, but would be very comfortable in a more natural setting. Her lacy, flowing gowns and sense of propriety feels just right standing among the ornate decorations of the Victorian era dollhouses. A 1920’s era Flapper doll cries out for a dollhouse that reflects her independence, and would not be comfortable in a more straight-laced environment. The Victorian era porcelain doll wants to have a place to sew and a place to receive guests.

A second consideration is the scale of the dollhouse. Choosing a porcelain doll that stands 16 inches tall for a dollhouse standing only 20 inches could be disastrous. The best porcelain doll for any dollhouse not only fits the decoration, but also fits in the dollhouse. She should be comfortable in the furniture, and should not fear hitting her head on the ceiling when she stands to move to the next room. Her skirts do not want to rearrange the furniture every time she moves around the house, and you want to spend your time playing, not putting the furnishings back where they belong.

Did you purchase a new-to-you antique dollhouse? Quite often, the best porcelain doll was crafted in the same era as the dollhouse, but may be impossible to find. Finding a porcelain doll created in the 1800’s for example, may prove to be a fruitless search. Even if you do find a porcelain doll created in the same era as your new antique dollhouse, it may be outrageously expensive or severely damaged. An antique replica doll gives the same look and feel, while being easier to locate and purchase.

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