Marketing Your work – Using Social media Platforms

As well as having a website as a means of promoting your business or your work, the increasing use of Social Media Platform social media platforms gives you much more opportunity to promote your work both cheaply and effectively. Using these platforms also enables you to change your marketing ‘message’ as often as necessary.

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There are plenty of social media platforms to choose from – Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, LinkedIn and StumbleUpon to name but a few – the key is to choose the ones that work most efficiently for you.

Twitter is possibly the easiest for promoting short, sharp marketing messages. Essentially the length of a text message, your ‘tweet’ needs to be clear, concise and to the point. You can either set each one up individually or use a programme such as Social Oomph (there are others available) to schedule your messages so that they’re sent out at specific times. The benefit of using such a programme is that you can write a batch of ‘tweets’ all at once – it’s quite easy to set up a whole weeks worth at once and therefore free up your time to do other things.

Another benefit of Twitter is that you can send traffic to specific pages on your website – quite helpful if you’ve got various special offers running. Make sure you shorten your link using something like Bit. ly to ensure your links don’t break.

Facebook is equally as popular for promoting your brand / business / product. You can easily create an ‘official’ page for your business, or a ‘community’ page for a cause / topic. You can also create a group, though these aren’t picked up by search engines in the same way that pages are – something to bear in mind if you specifically want to drive traffic to your site.

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