No No Hair System – This Hot Little Gadget Is Heating Up The Hair Removal Circuit

Subsequent to watching the infomercial on the Home Shopping Network a couple of times, I figured I would go all in and evaluate the No Hair System 8800. I helped it through their site with the goal that I could get the 60 Day Trial advancement just no doubt. In spite of the fact that I wasn’t hoping to be bare following 60 days, it would be sufficient opportunity to get a decent vibe for itself and conclude whether I needed to keep it.

The accompanying audit depends on the No Hair System 8800 rather than the No “Exemplary”, which is their unique unit. I needed a unit that I could use all over, and the 8800 was it since the Classic isn’t suggested for the facial region. Albeit the No Hair System 8800 ($270) is $20 more costly than the Classic ($250), it is most certainly worth the extra $20 to have the choice to utilize it on my upper lip. In this audit I attempt to cover each part of the item to address the inquiry accomplishes No work, and assist you with settling on an informed choice.

No Hair System Claims

It’s sans aggravation

It costs not as much as laser frameworks

It is alright for all skin types

It is viable on all hair and skin tones

You get up to 94% decrease in hair development

It’s nangs delivery brisbane to take note of that the No Hair System is anything but a long-lasting hair evacuation framework, nor is the timeframe to get results comparable to those of expert laser hair expulsion or electrolysis. Furthermore, recall, proficient laser hair expulsion is additionally not long-lasting. Regardless, with rehashed and proceeded with use, No Hair System in all actuality does impressively decrease the thickness and development of hair on completely designated regions. The warm or warm innovation utilized, straightforwardly influences the hair follicle and deferrals and disturbs future hair development.

It’s been 4 months for myself and I would agree that I’ve experience 80% hair decrease on my legs and 100 percent on my upper lip. That is enormous! I haven’t involved it in some other region yet. Remember, that the No Hair System, similar to some other (hotness, light or expert laser) hair evacuation framework, it is in many cases tedious, with applications suggested 2-3 times week after week for at least two months. By and by, this is certainly not no joking matter for me since I’m sitting in front of the TV when I “no”.

The Review

The inquiry is, does No work or is it simply a lot of void guarantees? Indeed, it may not be awesome, however I was glad to get it after the multi day time for testing was finished. Here’s the reason…

I got my No Hair System via the post office multi week after I submitted my request from their site. The framework accompanies the actual unit, a charger, a speedy client’s aide, an after treatment moisturizer, 2 hot edges (a little and an enormous), a convenient conveying case, a skin support and a little cleaning brush so you can clean the cutting edges and the unit head.

The principal thing I saw is that the 8800 is more slender and taller than the Classic (which my companion has). It is cordless so all you really want is to charge it and you don’t need to burn through cash on purchasing batteries, which was a protest a couple of individuals had about the “Exemplary”. When you charge it, you turn off it and begin utilizing it. I notice that since some electronic stuff should be connected while you use it – the No Hair System 8800 doesn’t. The unit has a showcase that shows how much battery duration is left which is additionally helpful since you would rather not go dead in mid-treatment, charge it and afterward need to recall where you were last.

Step by step instructions to Use No Hair System

As you most likely are aware, the No Hair System was made to eliminate undesirable hair from the face, legs, arms, underarms, back and swimsuit line – practically every one of the areas of hair development with the exception of that you can’t utilize the No Hair System on your privates or the bosoms – so the areola (the ring of pigmented skin encompassing the areola) is out. Many individuals really do have hair in the areola so I would recommend tweezing those regions. The No Hair System depends on Thermicon innovation, which fundamentally implies it utilizes heat energy to destroy hairs the entire way to the root.

This is the way simple it is to utilize: hold the No Hair System gadget at a 90 degree point over the designated region and move it gradually in an orderly fashion. No Hair System has somewhat light on the facade of the unit that stays green when the gadget is being utilized the correct way. That is all there is to it. Try to adhere to guidelines. For example, suppose you’re doing your arms.

Begin toward one side and float the No Hair System gadget at a 90 degree point to the opposite end. Whenever you arrive at the end, try to lift the unit. Try not to stop it on your skin and allow it to stay there or you might encounter a slight consume. Recall it utilizes hotness to destroy the hairs. You can definitely relax… it doesn’t do any harm.

Before you start treatment with the No Hair System, you really want to guarantee your skin is spotless and dry, and that you’re utilizing the right-sized cutting edge that accompanies the framework, for the area you are focusing on. Assuming you are doing your upper lip, utilize the more modest sharp edge, on the off chance that you’re doing your arms, utilize the greater edge. The No Hair System is a flat out easy decision with regards to usability.

It’s vital to take note of that the No Hair System people let you know that to achieve great hair decrease, the No Hair System ought to be utilized 3 times each week on planned regions, especially in the start of your treatment stage, for a time of around 6 two months. I would go a piece further and say that in the event that you can utilize it on a more regular basis, do as such. You will see better outcomes and there are no incidental effects to utilizing it more. Be that as it may, it truly relies upon how delicate your skin is, how long you have, how much hair, your skin type, and so on. I was utilizing it 4-5 times each week for the principal month.

My No Hair System Results

I have been utilizing the No Hair System 8800 for a little more than 4 months now. I have dim, normally wavy hair with olive composition, so I’m viewed as an “astounding” contender for laser hair evacuation (see the skin type graph in the Laser Hair Removal post). My own experience has been generally excellent however that will shift contingent upon your hair and skin tone/type. To figure out your skin and hair type, if it’s not too much trouble, see my post on Laser Hair Removal and look down to observe the Fitzpatrick Chart. I have likewise perused audits on individuals of various hair and skin types who have been utilizing the No Hair System, and the larger part have been positive in their surveys, having encountered great to huge hair decrease.

Following 6 Weeks Using The No Hair System

Whenever I began utilizing the No Hair System I didn’t adhere to the guidelines and utilized it 1-2 every week for the initial fourteen days and saw little outcomes (some hair decrease, likely 10%). I was going for work around then and just couldn’t be predictable with it. Yet, when the residue settled I began to utilize it 3 – 5 times each week and began to see extraordinary outcomes after the fourth week.

There was most certainly great hair decrease as of now, I would agree around 40%, yet the best part is, my hair was filling in a lot gentler than expected. My skin wasn’t as yet thoroughly smooth, and there was a delicate stubble in the hairiest piece of my legs (the shin) where my hair is more coarse. I kept on shaving as expected during the primary month to obtain 100 percent without hair results, yet I observed my skin getting progressively smoother. Incidentally, I’ve been utilizing it on my legs and my upper lip as it were.

Kindly note that I am not suggesting you use it as frequently as I do (4 times each week). I did and it is fine for me – I experience no consuming or incidental effects except for everybody is unique. I’m a decent possibility for laser hair expulsion as indicated by the “Fitspatrick” Skin outline so I’m accepting my skin type can deal with it.

Treatment on my legs takes me around 30 minutes (I take as much time as is needed and get everything done well, while I stare at the TV), and around 7 minutes for my upper lip, which is still considerably less time than going to a salon or center uniquely assuming that you toss in movement time.

My time for testing planned to end in about fourteen days however I had adequately seen – “chaching”! I got it!

Following 10 Weeks of Using The No Hair System

I observed that following 10 weeks I began to shave substantially less – about once every month just to “tidy up” the couple of hairs that are as yet developing. I will currently begin to utilize an epilator on my legs since I need more hairs to shave as a matter of fact. All I have now is new hair development.

It’s been 4 months since I began to utilize my No Hair System and I haven’t shaved my legs in 5 weeks, regardless going…. This is a tremendous advantage. I in all actuality do have a few hairs however they are so delicate and light, I can’t see them so I’m not stressed over it yet. Okay….After 5 weeks of not shaving my legs and not seeing any hair development on my upper lip, I’m experiencing passionate feelings for my No Hair System.

The Hot Blades

You will ultimately need to supplant the No Hair System cutting edges. The organization lets us know that you ought to supplant them after around multi month however I conflict. It’s been very nearly 3 months for myself and just now am I prepared to supplant it. I previously requested a bundle of 3 edges for about $25. An associate at work has the No Hair System and in spite of the fact that she utilizes it short of what me, she has just supplanted it two times in around 10 months. She has the Classic unit and purchased hers last year. By and by, mine endured 2 months longer than they should so don’t spend your cash except if you need to. Measure it for yourself.

Goodness That Smell…

Since the No Hair System eliminates hair with warm or warm energy, it produces a smell of it is unquestionably disagreeable to consume hair that. To diminish the scent, I just utilize my No Hair System in all around ventilated regions or close to an open window. Depending the amount it annoys you, you might need to wash the treated region or clean up after treatment (particularly assuming you’re going out for an evening to remember)!

What’s It Going To Cost Me?

The expense of hair evacuation is unquestionably one of my key worries while pursuing a decision between hair expulsion frameworks. No Hair System sells for $270 which is a lot less expensive than proficient laser hair evacuation.

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