Electric Airsoft Guns РIntroduction

 Electric Airsoft Guns – Introduction

We all know that there are three main categories of airsoft guns. Beginners mostly opt for spring guns; you need to cock the gun prior to each shot, but the cost of getting  .38 special ammo  spring handguns, rifles, shotguns, and sniper rifles are relatively cheaper than the other two types. There are also gas guns, using CO2, green gas, or nitrogen pressurized in the inner chamber to propel bullets in semi-automatic or full-automatic mode. Gas airsoft handguns as well as several rifles offer realistic recoil effects called Gas Blow-Back or GBB; this is why most gas handguns and rifles are called GBBs. The last is what we are going to discuss in this article: electric guns.

Electric airsoft guns, or Automatic Electric Guns (AEGs), were first introduced by Japanese guns manufacturer. Several earlier models were released by Tokyo Marui and other Japanese brands, before Chinese and other manufacturers follow the new trend. Electric guns offer unique mixture of automatic firing capabilities, great performance and power, plus highly affordable price tags.

It is not a secret that AEGs were first created to bridge the gap between spring and gas guns. Gas airsoft guns or GBBs are quite expensive indeed, and some players just don’t have the right budget to purchase gas airsoft gears. AEGs, however, are very affordable. You can actually find different models priced at less than $60, with some higher end models being priced at a little above $150.

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